Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

Marf Challenge July 2015: Lines and Textures

Another month, another challenge. This time around we've been mostly inspired by Nokkasilis work with ink drawings combined with (watercolour) textures.
The contrast between clean lines and textures, whether used sparsely as highlights or covering larger spaces is super interesting and has of course lots of potential for variation, also thanks to the possibilities of digital textures. There's no need to stick to ink and watercolour, here. Create lines with pencil or brush or pen or your tongue and use whatever textures you find suitable!


Maybe it has to do with having re-read His dark Materials by Philip Pullman some time ago, but lately my mind has been kind of obsessed with stripping away reality or opening up the sky or whatever (also sewing together sky and earth and playing the harp on invisible sky strings. I have no idea. Brain does, what brain does.)
I also spent June practicing drawing hands, so it seemed fitting to combine those two things.
Most of my creative process might have involved wildly gesturing and positioning my hands.



So far, so good. I originally planned on creating the textures on a seperate piece of paper and combining everything digitally. Why, though, when the bristol paper can take a bit of watercolour?

So purple. again. what is it with me and purple?

It's a great time to go digital now. As you can see I completely ignored tonal values and colours when I used the watercolours, so that has to be done now. A time of great fun and creating masks follows. (Basically I use different layers of Hue/Saturation with masks to play around until I find a colour combination I like. Oh, and colour balance and selective colour and whatever Photoshop can offer me.)

There you go, it is done:

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