Dienstag, 3. November 2015

Marf Challenge November 2015: Illustrated Typography

Hey there. It's November already and this month our theme is illustrated typography, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Create some artsy type!

Now I'm not an expert on typography or type design so I'll leave you with a few inspirational artists:

Teagan White is an illustrator and designer who's doing amazing nature inspired drawings.

Sean Freeman is simply making some crazy creative typography!

Personally, I have few knowledge about typography (as I already mentioned), but love illustrating letters.

Here a some examples of work I've previously done:

At the moment I'm trying to wrap up my magical creature ABC aka weekly drawing project and since my goal is to turn the whole thing into a book I've been thinking about what would work best for the cover. With the letters ABC being a quite prominent part of the title I decided to illustrate them similar to the magical creatures themselves.
Incidentally that fell together with this month's challenge, so this happened:

choosing an arrangement I like plus some scribbles.

Rough layout scribble

Bringing everything in the right position and deciding on some details and themes. 

Trying to translate the layout to a larger format with arough charcoal pencil sketch.

Switching to graphite pencil for defining the whole thing. (as you can see my drawing pad got roughed up a bit during transport when I moved out of my old apartment. I tried different paper for my drawings though and you can see the difference, so I've got to make do with a bit of krinkly paper for this. Take good care of your paper, people. I didn't, see what it got me.)  


The finished pencil drawing!

Plus digital colour!

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